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Victorian Day

To launch our English topic, Oliver Twist, Oak Class have enjoyed learning about what the Victorian Era was like. The children came in some fabulous outfits and learnt about what school life would have been like. It was great to look at what the lessons would have been like, the rules and punishments and playground games. Here are some pictures from the day!


Brabins Remembers

The children have worked incredibly hard this week to create “Brabins Remembers”. Every child in class has designed their own poppy design and painted this carefully on a pebble, along with the name of a brave solider who gave his life for us. As a class, we went on a walk to the Cenotaph and continued around Chipping spreading our pebbles. Hopefully those that find these pebbles will place them back at the Cenotaph in remembrance. Well done Oak Class – this is something to be proud of!

Oak Class – Rugby Coach

Oak Class had such fun on Wednesday with their new rugby coach! They learnt how to dodge, catch and run with the ball in preparation for Tag Rugby! The children thoroughly enjoyed it – we even got to show off our funky celebrations when we scored a tri!

Beatles Day

Beatles Day!

The children had such fun at our Beatles Day! The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the history of the famous band The Beatles. The children listened to many songs, reviewed and judged them with a score out of 5 and even learned to sing All You Need is Love and Let it Be! The children showed amazing confidence, especially the soloists! What a wonderful day! Check out our brilliant costumes too – Wow!

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