Poetry at Brabin’s

Reception ‘My Mum’ poem – March 2024

Reception ‘Popcorn’ poem – February 2024

Reception ‘Falling leaves’ poem – 8th November 2023

Poetry Festival Reception and Key Stage 1 – 6th October 2023

Poetry Festival Key Stage 2 – 29th September 2023

Whole School Poetry day with Poet Ian Bland – 20th September 2023

Reception- 24th May 2023 – A little seed poem

Reception- 21st October 2022

We learnt a poem called ‘Pointy hat’ for world poetry day. The children came up with their own actions and loved performing this at our showcase.

Year 5/6 – Summer term 2022

We have been looking at various poems about the seas and oceans. They have also written their own poems and have been using musical instruments to compose ‘seascapes’ to enhance their pieces.

Here is one poem they have learnt by heart called ‘The Tide Rises’ by Henry Wadsworth- Longfellow.