Eco Committee

Eco Committee members – 2021/22

The Eco Committee is made up of pupils from Reception up to Year 6 as well as Mr Pearse.

We meet every half term to discuss issues raised and to plan future events and projects.

Marine conservation and wildlife visit

The children in the school loved having a close up experience with marine wildlife that we would find in our rock pools and learning about how we would keep them safe by looking after the beach and surrounding environments.

Mud painting at Forest school  Jan 2022

The children loved making their own mud this afternoon using soil and water. Once they had made some mud they found different places to paint with it using brushes.

War Memorial

Some of the Eco committee were very lucky today and went to the War Memorial in Chipping to plant some bulbs with Mr Urie and Chipping in Bloom. They had a great time and can’t wait to see the final product when they grow!

Litter Day- Year 3/4

Year 3 and 4 have really enjoyed learning about maps and using our skills to plan a route around Chipping which would help us answer the question: Where would be the best place for a new litter bin? We did this by gathering data and presenting it in graphs and charts to see which area of Chipping had the most litter.

Gardening Club

Oak Class have really enjoyed starting the “Make Brabin’s Breathe” project. The children have independently planned the project to help to get the garden area up to scratch ready for planting! They have been fantastic at getting stuck in and using their skills. We even have some courgettes and leeks coming through!

Creepy Crawly Workshop

The children absolutely loved taking part in a Creepy Crawly workshop today linked to our Minibeast topic. We got the opportunity to look and hold a range of creepy crawlies including a cockroach, giant land snail, stick insect and even a snake.

Tree Planting

The whole school have planted one tree per child on our field, to help leave a positive mark on our world.

Wildflower Seeds

Some of Sycamore class worked with Chipping in Bloom to collect wildflower seeds that will be planted in the spring.


The Eco committee has made some videos to try and encourage people to recycle. Enjoy!



In May 2019, the Eco Committee organised the return of our school chickens. The children have loved preparing for their arrival and looking after them now they are here.

Walk to School Week – May 2019

In the week before we broke up for half term, the children met at the village hall and walked to the school with the teachers in an effort to reduce traffic and pollution. Luckily we were graced with fantastic weather and a great turn out all week.

West End in Schools: Planet Protectors – June 2019

No one is too small to make a difference.

The whole school enjoyed a drama morning, becoming the first ever Planet Protectors, learning about different ways they could help protect the environment and stop climate change. Each group prepared a presentation to share to the rest of the school to pass on all their knowledge.

Reception and KS1 focused on Bees and their effect on the environment.

Year 3 and 4 focused on consumerism and how the process of recycling can help.

Year 5 and 6 learnt about the Polar ice caps, rising sea levels and different ways of producing electricity and energy to help the environment.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning and lots was learnt!

Eco-conference- June 2019

Members of the Eco-committee and Gardening club in KS2  attended the annual Eco-conference at Ewood Park. The children enjoyed watching a Trashion show and interacting with the many stalls in the Marketplace.